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Psychology entails a broad spectrum of intrinsically fascinating issues. A layperson's understanding of this spectrum can be gauged by a review of psychological books found in the local bookstore. An endless number of self-help books can be found. Most are not written by psychologists or are not written by psychologists with research credentials. A key tenet of training programs accredited by the American Psychological Association is that therapeutic and assessment practices be empirically based. In other words, effectiveness should be demonstrated through research.

In addition to self-help literature of questionable validity, one will find in the bookstore other "psychological" subjects such as psychic ability, reincarnation, astral projection, alien abduction, and astrology.

The goal of is to bring to the public's attention psychological practices that are worthy of skeptical attention. The mechanism will be to provide a portal to information representing both sides of an argument to facilitate informed decision making. Another goal is to provide direction to resources in critical thinking about psychological matters.

Psychological science has much to offer to improving the quality of life and to increase our understanding of the world around us. Accomplishing this will require the separation of psychological pseudoscience from credible, empirically based ideas.

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