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Magnet therapy is a type of "alternative" medicine which claims that magnetic fields have healing powers. Some claim that magnets can help broken bones heal faster, but most of the advocacy comes from those who claim that magnets relieve pain. No magnet healing product manufacturers have demonstrated scientifically that they actually achieve what they claim, and most cannot even agree on what exactly the magnetic fields do. Some claim that the magnets help to circulate the blood by some interaction with the iron in hemoglobin, a major component of red blood cells. However, in its ionised form, iron is not ferromagnetic. If it were, use of magnetic resonance imaging would instantaneously kill patients. Still others claim that the magnets can restore the body's electromagnetic energy balance. There are also claims that the south pole of a magnet acts different on the body than the north pole. The list of ways that manufacturers purport that magnetic fields affect the body is almost endless. The vast majority of information sources and Web sites promoting magnetic therapy belong to people and understandably biased companies that sell magnetic products.
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It is virtually impossible to find a web-link for a site that promotes the use of magnets without also having that site try to sell you magnet related products as well. Since we here at are not in the business of promoting one company that sells pseudo-junk over another, we'll leave it for you to decide whether to search for a supplier or not.
Skeptic Links:

An excellent article relating to the quackery behind magnetic healing.

From the New England Skeptical Society, an article that provides the skeptical reation to magnetic healing in a deft and concise article.


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