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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization And Rsprocessing)


EMDR is used to alleviate human suffering and assist an individual to meat their capabilities. A typical session of EMDR has the client bring to mind the negative information that they associate with the suffering, then the client has to follow lights, or a moving hand for a few minutes, and then is asked to comment on this process.
Francine Shapiro is the Creator of EMDR.

Evidence for the effectiveness of EMDR is mainly anecdotal and not empirical. All controlled studies have had inconclusive results and do not show that EMDR had any positive effects on the clients. Likely reasons for the positive anecdotal evidence is the placebo effect, patient expectancy, and post-hypnotic suggestion.
See also:

Francine Shapiro's EMDR website. Explains methods, purpose, and history, as well as some of the supportive research for it.

Another web site that overviews the process and effects of EMDR.

Skeptic Links:

A skeptical look at EMDR, that asks the big question "Where is the proof?"

This site explains and sites that the eye movement aspect of EMDR is not necessary, and restates the fact that EMDR has not shown to be valid.

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