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Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the laws of similar's. Very simply this system attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself. Many of the ingredients in the medicine for homeopathy is based on plants and minerals. Homeopathy uses small, diluted doses of these substances that cause illnesses as a means of curing them There is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy. Patients do feel better after being treated but this can all be explained away with the placebo effect. This placebo effect has lead to the testimonials that homeopaths rely on. One potential danger of homeopathy is that it encourags self-diagnosis and treatment.

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See also:

-This site is run but the National Center for Homeopathy. It has tons of information about homeopathy, including history and research. It even has information on keeping your pet healthy with homeopathy!

-An overview of things that homeopathy claims to cure.

Skeptic Links:

The skeptic dictionary with a breakdown of the history of homeopathy and the reasons for why homeopathy can be a dangerous practice.

An article written by Dr. Stephen Barrett, who describes homeopathy as the ultimate fake.

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