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NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)


-Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is aimed at enhancing the healing process by changing the conscious and subconscious beliefs of patients about themselves, their illnesses, and the world. These limiting beliefs are "reprogrammed" using a variety of techniques drawn from other disciplines including hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

-when researching NLP, you will come across names like Tad James, Matthew James, and Adrianna... James.
-there are several false assumptions upon which NLP is based. Their beliefs about the unconscious mind, hypnosis and the ability to influence people by appealing directly to the subconscious mind have no empirical evidence. All the scientific evidence which exists on such things indicates that what NLP claims is not true.
“these assertions are stated in unequivocal terms by the originators of NLP and it is clear from their writings that phenomena such as representational systems, predicate preferences and eye-movement patterns are claimed to be potent psychological processes..."
-basically the the methods used to measure NLP are fake, and cannot be reproduced in any controlled condition.
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