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Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome
aka Irlen Sydrome


Helen Irlen, (first to identify SSS), has yet to come with a straight out definition of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.. Her book says that SSS is an affliction that “involves a structural brain deficit” in the nervous system, causing signals sent to the brain to be inappropriately processed, resulting in perceptual problems.
-Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome identifies that full spectrum light causes this. Helen goes on to say “that if certain wavelengths were reduced by colored filters, the brain would be able to more effectively analyze and process data.
- The brochure given out with the Irlen package claims that “SSS cannot be detected by regular optometric, medical, psychological, or educational testing."
- Any studies performed on the efficacy of SSS have been hugely biased. flaws such as "design problems, such as selection bias, sample size, heterogeneity of subjects, subjectivity of results, financial interests of investigators, and a failure to consider such factors as placebo effect, controls, and ophthalmic status of subjects."
- The tests given to determine if one has SSS have been shown to not be valid or reliable.
- The AOA (American Optometric Association) stated that “current research does not support the validity or presence of an actual visual perceptual dysfunction termed ‘Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome."
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