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Psychic: As an adjective, "psychic" refers to forces or agencies of a paranormal nature. As a noun, "psychic" refers to a medium or a person who claims to have paranormal powers.


Sylvia Browne
    Believes the Mother and Father God have granted her psychic powers. She is also a near-death experiencer.
James Van Praag
    A self proclaimed "clair sentient" in where he "feels" the deceased. He believes it is the love bond between the living and the dead that allows him to communicate with the dead.
Char Margolis
    A Spiritual-Intuitive who believes it is a God-given sixth sense that allows her to give psychic readings. She believes that she can help others fine tune this sense as well.
John Edward
    After meeting with another psychic, Lydia Clar, John Edward began working on his "psychic abilities" and has become a phenomenon with a television show "Crossing Over" and multiple books.


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