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James Van Praagh


James Van Praagh is a self proclaimed clairvoyant and "clair sentient". He first feels the deceased and then sees them. He was also star of the now cancelled "Beyond with James Praagh" which showed on NBC daytimes. He began talking to the dead after graduating from college, and moving to Los Angeles. He believes it is the love bond between the living and the dead that allows him to communicate with the dead. Van Praagh is a master of the art of cold reading. Basically, his method involves telling people what they want to hear. He tells people that their father forgives, and loves, and doesn't want the person to hurt anymore.
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Skeptic Links:
A complete look at the history of Van Praagh and a look at some of his work.
Approved Alternatives:
There is no proof of any real psychics. As far as anyone can tell psychics use certain methods of cold reading, and statistical facts to arrive at their predictions. There is nothing paranormal about their predictions.


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