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John Edward


John Edward claims to have brought a fresh and "honest" attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. John began developing his abilities after meeting another psychic, Lydia Clar. Lydia taught him how to connect with his psychic ability and how to best use it. John Edward had written several books, had had a television show, and there is a three year waiting list for a personal reading with an asking price of $750 for a 30 minute session. John Edward is nothing more than a clever, quick-witted individual who takes advantage of people's emotions to make a quick buck. And in his case, big bucks. He is a phenomenon, for sure, but because of this popularity, he has been in the spotlight more so than his counterparts. Cold, warm, and hot reading are techniques he utilizes to try and convince his participants that he is indeed speaking to the dead. Michael Shermer's investigations have his hit rate at about 10%-20%, where Van Praagh's hit rate is somewhere closer to 20%-30%. So, his popularity has little to do with his actual ability. For the best illustration of a psychic in action and how they do it, please check out the investigation below from
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An investigation in to the spiritualism, and psychic techniques used by John Edward.

An article by Michael Shermer on mediums in general, and John Edwards more specifically.

An extremely detailed investigation into mediums. A very detailed explanation of a psychic reading is investigated, question, by question.

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