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Sylvia Browne


Sylvia's mission is to prove that the soul survives death, and that the Father and Mother God have given her psychic abilities for this purpose. Sylvia claims that by just visiting her site, the "Meaning of Life" will be explained. Sylvia is also a near-death experiencer and uses that experience to gain knowledge of the afterlife. Sylvia Browne accepted a challenge over three years ago to prove that she is a legitimate psychic. She has yet to complete this challenge. She has performed multiple times on the Larry King Live show, but her performances are less than impressive. She has claimed to have worked on police cases, but these claims have been defrauded by skeptic guru James Randi. Psychic ability does not exist.
See also:

Sylvia's Official Site

A transcript of Sylvia's apearance on the Larry King Live Show.

This site describes Sylvia's near death experiences and a summary of Sylvia's view of the other side.

Skeptic Links:

Sylvia accepted a challenge from skeptics to prove herself, this site has information on that challenge.

This site provides an analytic look at Sylvia Browne and her performances.

Funny site on Sylvia Brownes predictions of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

Approved Alternatives:
There are no real alternatives to psychics. There is no proof of any real psychics. As far as anyone can tell psychics use certain methods of cold reading, and statistical facts to arrive at their predictions. There is nothing paranormal about their predictions.


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